June 2009 Every opening on to the outside world… book
144 pages (softcover) 
203 × 261 mm 
Offset lithography, mimeography, and wood-cut

The first issue of Cannon Magazine. Edited, written, designed, and printed by Philip Baber in nine sixteen-page sections between December 2008 and June 2009. Named “Magazine of the Year 2009” by 3:AM.

SOLD OUT. A reading copy is available at price of postage for one-month loan.


      Signature A
Editorial 1
Biography of an Enigma (Phil Baber)

      Signature B
Editorial 2
The Man We Call Modern (C. G. Jung)
As if a Footnote to the Final Glory (Donald Porter)

      Signature C
Editorial 3
The Real Author Was ANOTHER (Phil Baber)
The Real Author Was THE EPOCH (Stefan Themerson)

      Signature D
Editorial 4
At once a Preface and a Postface (Stefan Themerson)
I Don't Understand (Nathalie Sarraute)
The End of the World (Blaise Cendrars)

      Signature E
The Only Word in the Martian Language... (Blaise Cendrars)

      Signature F
Sketches from a Polite Hell (Stefan Themerson)
Editorial 5
Editorial 5 – postscript
Quasi-Infinities and the Waning of… (Robert Smithson)

      Signature G
Editorial 6
Amber Light (Lee Rourke)

      Signature H
It Would be Gratuitous to Assume a Mistranslation is Unintentional (Phil Baber)

      Signature I
Prosodic Liars and Phantom Merchants (René Daumal)
Many Meanings of Money (Andrew Ingraham)

Editorial 7